Monday, May 21, 2012

TeamPostgreSQL: PostgreSQL web interface

I feel great to announce the release of TeamPostgreSQL, a web interface for the PostgreSQL database, completely free for the community.

This is a product I am particularly proud of as it is, IMHO, a pretty awesome web application in its own right (fully dynamic 100% javascript/AJAX and beautifully designed), but also a very useful tool for PostgreSQL.

Briefly, TeamPostgreSQL is a web application that can be used to access an organization's databases over the intranet (or internet). It can also simply be used locally on a single machine as a regular database client. Just run the installer or unpack the archive and the service is ready.

TeamPostgreSQL was originally planned as a commercial product but for various reasons that effort was never followed through on and we have mostly been using it as an internal tool. Since we are now enveloped in other projects, I decided to put the product out there for anyone to use and enjoy.

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The use case where this app really shines is in browsing and navigating the data in your databases. You can click through foreign key references, jumping straight to referenced rows in other tables, you can even click a row primary key field and get all rows in other tables that reference this one, all in a full featured row view with edit controls for the data. When adding a row, fields with foreign key references have dropdowns with values from the referenced table/column. Binary fields can be populated by simply picking a file using a file chooser control, and can be downloaded from the rows view straight to a file. Date fields have a proper date chooser. Store and load common SQL snippets and share them with your team. One click search for a value across all tables. There's also a handy graphical interface to pgdump to create SQL scripts.

Those are just a few examples of the many features in this product that we personally find indispensable and we hope will be useful to others too.

More info and download at the website:


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